An ICv2 Release.  ICv2 is launching two weeks of special content on kids graphic novels and comics on, sponsored by Papercutz, VIZ Media, IDW Publishing, Dark Horse Comics, Lion Forge, BOOM! Studios, Abrams, and Tokyopop.  The content will include market info, interviews, news, reviews, previews, and special features.

The special event on, "Grow the Business with Kids Comics and Graphic Novels," is tied to two big events in the category:  Free Comic Book Day and Children’s Book Week.  Our event leads into both, as Children’s Book Week takes place in the second week of our special editorial event, and everything culminates in Free Comic Book Day on May 7, which is shaping up to be a record event (see "FCBD Preorders Top 6 Million").

We kick off our coverage of the Kids category with our article on the current state of the Kids Graphic Novel market (hint:  it’s great, see "Kids Titles the Fastest Growing Graphic Novel Category").  Then through this week and next we’ll be talking to publishers, creators, and retailers about what’s happening in kids titles and what to expect for the future.  Watch for the up-to-date listing of articles on the topic below:

News and Interviews
Kids Titles the Fastest Growing Graphic Novel Category
Rutabaga:  The Adventure Chef' Returns
'Brave,' by Svetlana Chmakova
2nd Annual Dwayne Mcduffie Award For Kids' Comics Finalists
Mattel 'Very Encouraged' with DC Super Hero Girls
'Voltron Legendary Defenders' Comics
Survive a Hostile Planet with 'Kid Savage'
New 'Bone' OGN Arriving
'The Adventures of Miru,' 'Ghoul Scouts,' and 'Actionverse' TP
DC Presents New 'Looney Tunes' Collection
Marketing to Kids, Parents, and BOTH
New 'Adventure Time Comics' Series Features Guest Creators
ICv2 Interview:  Filip Sablik
ICv2 Interview: VIZ's Beth Kawasaki
Teens Fight Anxiety Monsters Come To Life
Sarah Gaydos and David Gerstein, IDW Q&A
Tokyopop Releasing 'Collectors Manga' for 'Alice in Wonderland' and 'Finding Nemo'
Return to Care-a-Lot for New 'Care Bears' Adventure
'Grumpy Cat & Pokey' HC Headlines Dynamite's Summer Books
ICv2 Interview: Dark Horse's Mike Richardson
'Punky Brewster' and 'Saved by the Bell' Supersized

Kids Graphic Novel Reviews
Review: Fuzzy Baseball
Review: 'The Real Poop on Pigeons!' GN
Review: 'A Goofy Guide to Penguins' GN
Review: 'Poptropica: Mystery of the Map' GN

Kids Graphic Novel Previews
Preview: 'Poppy! and the Lost Lagoon' TP by Matt Kindt
Preview: 'Buffy: The High School Years--Freaks & Geeks' TP
Preview: 'Bird Boy Vol. 1: The Sword of Mali Mani'
Preview: 'Pig Goat Banana Cricket' #1 GN
Preview: 'The Children of Captain Grant' GN
Preview: 'Bone: Coda'
Preview: 'The Only Living Boy #2: Beyond Sea and Sky' GN