Comic-Con News: Here’s a round-up of small screen trailers that were released at San Diego starting with a chilling little number for the second season of The Walking Dead spin-off Fear the Walking Dead (see “Fear the Walking Dead Trailer and Premiere Date” to get a feel for the first season of the SoCal-set series).

Fox also released a new Comic-Con trailer for its small screen adaptation of the campy cult hit midnight movie, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which is set to debut in October (see “The Rocky Horror Picture Show Trailer”).

Other TV show trailers released at Comic-Con include one for the second season of the CW series, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (compare with the first season trailer here), and one for the BBC’s new adaptation of Douglas (Hitchhiker’s Guide) Adams’ exceedingly funny Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency novel, which has also inspired a new comic book series from IDW (see “Dark Jem, Mars Attacks Returns, & More”).