Lion Forge has revealed new 2017 titles for their Roar imprint for young adult readers.

Lighter Than My Shadow is an OGN from British cartoonist Katie Green. The 520-page full-color opus recounts the artist’s personal struggle with sexual assault and an eating disorder as a teen. Previously released in the UK, where the book has received critical acclaim for its frank and sensitive portrait of a troubled teenager, Lighter Than My Shadow will be released on September 20. MSRP for the softcover is $19.99.

Writer Mathieu Reynes and illustrator Valerie Vernay’s atmospheric Water Memory explores the new life Marion and her mother inherit alongside an old family home on the beach. The haunting paperback OGN comes in at 112 full-color pages for an MSRP of $14.99. It will be in stores on August 15.

Dream of the Butterfly, by French writer Richard Marazano and Chinese illustrator Luo Yin, finds a little girl named Tutu lost in a strange village of talking animals, where winter is eternal and Tutu’s own humanity a crime. The 116-page full-color hardcover is due in October.

These titles will join previously announced Mer and Taproot in Roar’s 2017 lineup (see “Roar Comics Shares Details On First Ya Ogns For 2017”).