Iello has shared release details and product information for Heroes of Black Reach (HOBR), which will be available early to select brick and mortar stores through the Elite Release Program.

Heroes of Black Reach, a Warhammer 40,000 game using Devil Pig Games’ Heroes of Normandie Heroes Tactical System, was announced at Gen Con (see “Iello to Release 'Heroes of Black Reach' in U.S.”), and now Iello has shared product contents and release plans which include inclusion in Iello’s Elite Release Program. The Elite Retailers Program launched with Mountains of Madness last month (see “Rolling for Initiative--A Pair of Promotions Worth Noting”). The global release date for the game and its expansions is May 24. Retails participating in the program will be able to sell the game in stores (not online) on March 15. Retailers must sign up for the program through an email sent out on September 26 indicating desired number of games (capped at 12 per title per location) and preferred distributor.

The first releases will include the Heroes of Black Reach Core Box, HOBR: Ultramarine Reinforcements, and HOBR: Ork Reinforcements, as well as the HOBR: Drop Zone Demo Kit.

The Heroes of Black Reach Core Box includes a rulebook, a campaign with 8 scenarios, 6 terrain tiles, terrain elements, bunkers, ork units, ultramarine units, 100 cards and 4 dice. The game is for 2 players, ages 14 and up, and plays in an hour. MSRP is $74.99. Elite preorder copies will include a punchboard with a promotional Zoggrim character.

The HOBR: Ultramarine Reinforcements expansion tells the battles at Sulphora Hive, which takes plac e during the Telion’s hunt for Zanzag. The box contains new rules sheets, 1 campaign with 4 scenarios, Cato Sicarius, Brother Vandius, the company banner bearer, Honoured Brother Gaius Prabian, Apothecary Venatio, 1 tactical squad (Octavian) with its Rhino and options, 1 terminator squad (Helio) with its Land Raider and options, 1 deistator squad (Tirain) with its Rhino and options, 1 assault squad (Ixion) and options, 1 bike quad with its options, 1 Dreadnought (Ultracius), 1 Vindicator tank, 1 Razorback tank, 1 Land Raider Redeemer, 1 Land Raider Crusader, 2 Thunderfire cannons, 1 Attack Bike, and 1 Land Speeder. MSRP is $34.99.

The HOBR: Ork Reinforcements expansion tells the battles at the walls of the Cospora Hive and Zanzag’s escape. The box contains new rules sheets, 1 campaign with 4 scenarios, Goff Warboss Zanzag, Death Skull Painboy Grimsnagga and his Grot Orderlies, Bad Moon Big Mek Kagbozak, Goff Boyz with their Nobz, Trukk and options, Blood Axe Kommandos with their Nobx, and options, Goff Runthnrdz and Gretchins with their options, Bad Moon Lootas with their options, Goff Meganobz with their options, Evil Zunz Tankbustas with their options, 1 Battlewagon, 1 Deff Dread, 1 Trukk, 2 Warbuggy, 1 Mek Gunz, 1 Gorkanaut, 1 Morkanaut, and 1 Killa Kan. MSRP is $34.99.

The HOBR: Drop Zone Demo Kit includes a stand-alone demo game to introduce players to the full mechanics of the game. It will ship in December to help promote gathering preorders before release. It includes a booklet (containing the rules and 1 scenario), a battlegroud poster, Brother Malcian, a tactical squad (Solinus) with its Rhino, a Dreadnought (Agnathio), Wargear and Upgrade Options, Goff Boyz with their Nobz, and 1 Killa Kan. MSRP on the kit is $24.99, but elite preorder retailers will receive a free demo kit.

See product images in the gallery below.