Humanoids has unveiled a six-book lineup for their 2018 catalog spanning all ages fantasy, sequels, and some new, innovative titles to diversify their already strong backlist of science fiction titles.

First up is Dragonseed by Kurt McClung, Jimenez, and Mateo Guerrero.  Originally published in France as a three-volume series from 2006 to 2017, Dragonseed is the story of half man, half dragon Adam Serre d’Ombre, who is sent on a fast-paced quest to recover a sacred dragon’s tear relic.  Failure to recover the relic in time will pit Krath’s men and creatures in a never-ending war that will surely destroy their worlds.  Humanoids’ English edition will collect all three French tomes in a single volume and be available on January 3.  MSRP is $29.95.

Following Dragonseed is a sequel to Humanoids’ venture into juvenile fiction with Gregory and the Gargoyles #2.  The follow up to the August 2017’s debut of Gregory and the Gargoyles (see “Humanoids Adds Imprints”), Denis-Pierre Filippi’s new installment collects the third and fourth French tomes of the seven volume series “the Guardians” and “Phidias.”  With art by J. Etienne and Silvio Camboni, Gregory and the Gargoyles #2 continues the story of a young boy who discovers a special medallion that allows him to travel back in time to the 17th Century.  Befriending the gargoyles who magically come to life, Gregory trains to become a magician who will combat the forces of evil.  Slated for January 17, the hardcover will retail for $14.95.

Moving into February finds two additional titles for Humanoids.  After releasing a softcover edition of Carthago on February 7 for $24.95 (see “Review: 'Carthago' HC”), Humanoids moves into an adaptation of Robert Silverberg’s Downward to the Earth.  Written by Philippe Thirault with art by Laura Zuccheri, Downward to the Earth is the English language edition of Retour sur Belzagor, a two volume series released in French in 2017.  The story of a former colonizer, ex-lieutenant Eddie Gundersen, Downward tells of his coming to terms with his horrific and violent past as he returns to the former colony of Belzagor.  Discovering that the planet has been returned to its two intelligent species—the Nildoror and the Sulidoror—Gundersen leads a scientific expedition into indigenous lands soon learns that this once colonized planet still harbors many secrets.  The oversized deluxe hardcover edition will be released on February 14 and sells for $29.95. 

In March Humanoids rounds out its early 2018 offerings with two more titles.  On March 7, they will release Exo by Jerry Frissen and Philippe Scoffoni.  Set in the near future, NASA discovers what it presumes might be the first habitable planet, named Darwin II.  This discovery and the planned exploration, however, coincides with the destruction of an orbiting space station as a projectile is launched from the moon.  The mystery and possible connection of these two events forms the crux of Exo.  The hardcover will retail for $24.95. 

Finally, on March 21, Humanoids releases the Mask of Fudo by Saverio Tenuta.  A medieval fantasy, the Mask of Fudo is the story of a poor child in medieval Japan, Shinnosuke, who is rejected by his family and simultaneously the sole protector of his younger sister.  When he discovers a wooden mask, he finds the courage to rebel against his rigid social caste but what mysteries does this mask hold for the young warrior? The oversized deluxe hardcover will retail for $24.95

See all six covers in the gallery below.

—Nathan Wilson