The Jaeger versus Kaiju battles of the Pacific Rim:  Uprising movie will soon take over the tabletop with River Horse’s Pacific Rim:  Extinction miniatures game, which will be seeking funding on Kickstarter starting March 12. The film sequel opens March 23 (see “’Pacific Rim Uprising’ Trailer”).

River Horse announced its license to produce a game based on the movies last year (see “River Horse Lands ‘Pacific Rim:  Uprising’ License”), and has begun releasing details about the game and its components.

In Pacific Rim:  Extinction, players can command either PPDC Jaegers or Kaiju (monsters) in vicious urban battles.  The combatants will be represented in the game by pre-painted miniatures that measure 75 to 100mm in height, based on official film assets.  In addition to its miniature, each Jaeger and Kaiju is represented in the game with its own set of six action cards, which determine what each combatant can do during the turn and serve as part of the combat mechanic.

The game is intended for two players or teams, one controlling Jaegers and the other taking over the Kaiju.  Games are scenario-based, with the two sides either grappling in a direct brawl or pursuing their own objectives for victory.

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