British publisher River Horse Games has partnered with Legendary and Universal Pictures to produce licensed games for the upcoming action film Pacific Rim: Uprising.

According to License Global, River Horse “will develop a line of collectible board games and role playing games, which will aim to bring the Jaeger vs. Kaiju battleground to life.”

River Horse Games began in 2010 as a war games publisher, but has expanded to develop and publish licensed games for Jim Henson’s Labyrinth (see “'Goblins!' Invades 'Jim Henson's Labyrinth'”), Terminator Genisys   (see “'Terminator Genisys: The Miniatures Game'”), and My Little Pony: Tails of Equestria (see “Ninja Division and Shinobi 7 Bring 'My Little Pony' RPG to North America”).

Additional Pacific Rim: Uprising licensees include Bandai, Diamond Select Toys and Collectibles, Insight Editions, and Titan Publishing.

Pacific Rim: Uprising opens in theaters on February 23 (see “Best in Shows--Q1 2018”).