GAMA, the Game Manufacturer’s Association, has formed a partnership with Core Screening to provide background check services to members at a substantially discounted rate, the organization announced.  Under the new agreement, member companies will be able to do background checks of the National Criminal with Sexual Offender Registry for roughly $7, much less than the $20 per check that is typical.

The need for such a service became acute for game retailers when Wizards of the Coast began requiring its WPN stores to do background checks on “staff or other individuals who interact with the public,” after a Magic:  The Gathering judge  was discovered to be a registered sex offender (see "Wizards of the Coast Requiring WPN Stores To Do Background Checks").  GAMA announced that it would work on finding a provider for its membership (see “GAMA Stepping Into Background Checks”), and the new relationship with Core Screening is the result.  “This is a great service for all our members and specifically addresses a need that our retail tier requested,” GAMA Executive Director John Ward said of the new program. 

Core Screening will be at the GAMA Trade Show next week and begin taking orders from retailers at the show.