A ComicConnect auction for an Action Comics #1 CGC 8.5 has closed at over $2 million, after a last-minute website glitch froze out last minute bids, requiring the bidding be re-opened the next day for a fairer conclusion.

The final price was $2,052,000, with a total 73 bids being logged, with the auction closing at 7:00 PM EDT Tuesday June 12.  The history of this particular copy is worthy of its own novelization.  The copy was found in 1986, in Pittsburg Pennsylvania, by a buyer who won a lot of old hardcover books at an auction.  The Action Comics #1 was found hidden in the page of one of those hardcovers the next day.  The owner decided to take the comic to a NYC comic book convention two weeks later to assess the value and his options for selling it.  According to the auction write up “What followed was a 48-hour feeding frenzy unmatched in the annals of comic book fandom.  Safe to say, if murder were legal at that time, certain comic dealers would have not walked out of that show alive.  Due to the simple fact that a number of the individuals who played a role in this episode are still very much alive, we will not expound on the gritty details.  But those same gritty details, including a near fist fight, was the start of a story that ends with the Action 1 offered here.  The very same Action 1.”

Two Action Comics #1 9.0 CGC copies have topped today’s auction total, one in 2014 for $3,207, 852 (see “The First $3 Million Dollar Comic!”) and the famous Nicholas Cage copy that was sold in 2011 for $2,161, 000 (see “'Action Comics' #1 Brings $2.16M”).  Today’s sale is only the third sale to top $2 M for an individual comic book. Both 9.0 copies of Action Comics #1 were sold on ComicConnect, which also holds the current Guinness World Record for the most expensive comic book ever purchased (the above mentioned Action Comics #1 9.0 for $3.2 Million.)  The company also hold several other Guinness World Records related to comic merchandise sales.