The auction of the highest grade copy known of Action Comics #1, the first appearance of Superman, has just closed at, and the price is a record for a comic: $2,161,000.  The copy, graded 9.0 by CGC, was stolen from actor and bigtime comics fan Nicolas Cage in 2000 and not recovered until August of this year when it was found in a storage locker by an entrepreneur who bought the contents at auction.  The previous record price for a comic was an Action Comics #1 graded at 8.5, which ComicConnect sold last year (see “Action #1--$1.5 Million”).  At the time, it was thought to be the highest grade copy of the book, as the 9.0 was presumed lost.  An 8.0 copy sold around the same time for $1 million, the first million dollar comic (see “The Million Dollar Comic”). 
An 8.0 copy of Detective Comics #27 also sold in early 2010, for $1,075,000, by Heritage (see “Bats Beats Supes”).