Games Workshop sales through independent retailers were up 54% to $53.9 million (at today’s exchange rate) in North America in the fiscal year ended June 3, according to the company’s annual report.  That dramatically outpaces growth in sales at company-owned stores, which were up 33% to $28.7 million.  And since sales to the trade are at wholesale, retail sales through the trade are probably around triple retail sales through company owned stores in North America.

Sales through company stores grew faster than the store count increase; the company was operating 134 stores in North America at the end of the period, up 23 from the 111 at the end of the previous fiscal year in mid-2017.

Growth rates by channel roughly flipped from the year ended May 28, 2017, when sales through North American company stores were up 58% and sales to the trade were up 39% (see "Games Workshop Company Store Sales Up 58% in North America").

Store count in North America is going to continue to grow; it’s one of two territories (Germany is the other) where the company plans to concentrate new store openings in the current year.

Overall, the company had a second spectacular year, turning a 39% worldwide growth rate (see "Games Workshop Sales Up 39% for Year") into a £59.7 million after-tax net profit.