Wizards of the Coast has added three new formats for limited event organized play for its Transformers Trading Card Game.

The Transformers TCG launched this fall (see “Intelligence from Cybertron on 'Transformers TCG'”). Wizards is now offering three new formats for game stores to run limited events, both to introduce new players to the game, and help existing fans expand their collections. Limited events are equitable for both new and experienced players since players don’t need to bring their own decks to battle, and everyone has an equal chance when using fresh booster packs.

The three styles are League, Two-Pack Sealed, and Booster Draft events. League is a good option for bringing players together over a longer time.  League nights let players know when other players will be present on a regular basis, so they can interact with new opponents. Two-Pack Sealed is a fast-paced, low entry option to teach new players the game. Booster Draft is a more challenging, dynamic game for more experienced players, though it also has a basic and advanced method for conducting the draft. More complete rules are available on the WPN website.

Though the game only launched in September, WOTC is already supporting the game with new product, the  Metroplex Deck released this month (see “The Autobots Call Up Community Reinforcements”).