Z-Man Games will soon release Shem Phillips' dice-based board game Noctiluca.

Noctiluca refers to glowing creatures that live deep in tropical pools, coveted by healers for their remarkable properties.  The players are divers, plunging into the water to collect these “embers of the sea” and safely tuck them in jars for delivery.  The game uses colored translucent dice to represent the Noctiluca, and players collect the dice from the main board and place them on jar cards if they can match the correct combinations.  After two rounds of collecting, the players score points for their jars plus bonus points for collecting the most of a color and for fulfilling their own secret goal card.

The game includes 1 double-sided game board, 105 dice, 30 tokens, 14 cards, 12 pawns, and a first player marker.  Noctiluca includes a solo variant so it can be played by 1 to 4 players.  Intended for ages 8 and up, it takes about half an hour to play.  MSRP is $34.99.

Z-Man is also poised to release its fishing card game Miaui (see "Bring in the Biggest Fish for the Feast in ‘Miaui’").