The first Scenario Pack expansion for Fantasy Flight Games’ Marvel Champions:  The Card Game will be The Green Goblin, releasing in Q4.

The Green Goblin Scenario Pack introduces a new villain for players to confront in Marvel Champions:  The Card Game (see “Fantasy Flight to Launch Marvel LCG”):  the multi-billionaire Norman Osborn and his sadistic alter-ego the Green Goblin.  The expansion features two new scenarios.  In the first, the heroes attempt to force the Green Goblin to reveal himself by targeting Osborn’s criminal enterprises, and in the second the Green Goblin uses his Mutagen Formula to create an army of goblins.  The deck also includes four modular encounter sets that players can use to modify the two scenarios for greater variability or to adjust the difficulty.

The expansion includes 78 new cards for Marvel Champions.  MSRP is $19.95.

Click Gallery below to see cards from the expansion.