Fantasy Flight Games will release Marvel Champions: The Card Game Core Set, the first product in a new Marvel-based game in its Living Card Game format, in Q4, the company announced Wednesday night.  The game is a cooperative game for one to four players.

Marvel Champions: The Card Game Core Set will include a complete set of 350 cards (no need for multiple purchases to acquire a complete set), 100 tokens, five hit point trackers, and more at a $59.95 MSRP.  The Core Set will be followed by monthly expansions.

Each player in the game will take the role of a Marvel hero, with a double-sided identity card (the hero and the alter-ego) and a customizable deck of 40-50 cards that represents the powers, tools, and allies the hero will use to battle the villain.  The Core Set includes five heroes: Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, Black Panther, and She-Hulk.

As a true cooperative game, in Marvel Champions, no player takes the role of the villain, which has actions determined by a checklist and unique encounter deck.

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