A CGC 9.4 Captain America #1 sold for $915,000 at a Heritage Auctions on August 1, 2019.  The comic titles that have sold at higher prices than this issue make up a short list that includes Action Comics #1 (three copies at over $2 million, at least one other at $1+ million, see "'Action Comics' #1 CGC 8.5 Sells for Record Sum"), Amazing Fantasy #15 ($1.1 million in 2011, see "'Amazing Fantasy' #15 sells for $1.1 Million"), Detective Comics #27 ($1.07 million in 2010, see "Bats Beats Supes"), and All Star Comics #8 ($936,223 in 2017).  Vintage comic books and original comic art have been progressively realizing higher auction values over the last few years (see "Original for First 'Tintin' Cover Sold for Seven Figures").

Captain America #1 was first published in 1941.  This comic book's iconic cover features Captain America punching Adolph Hitler in the face.  It was also the first appearance of mainstay characters Bucky and Red Skull.

The auctioned copy of Captain America #1 was graded 9.4 by CGC with "off-white to white" pages.  This is one of only three known copies of this book with a CGC 9.4 or higher grade. This particular comic book was part of a collection referred to as the "San Francisco Pedigree" which dates back to 1973 when it first emerged at a comic book show in Berkeley, CA.