A copy of Amazing Fantasy #15, the comic containing the first appearance of Spider-Man, sold for a record $1.1 million, the highest total ever for a Silver Age comic. The copy of Amazing Fantasy, which was sold by ComicConnect.com, graded out at 9.6 or near-mint plus, and was quite possibly the finest copy in existence (it has the highest grade of any copy that has been professionally graded). 
The $1.1 million is not the highest total ever paid for a comic, that distinction belongs to a copy of Action #1, which ComicConnect sold last March for $1.5 million (see “Action #1--$1.5 Million”), but it is the highest total ever paid for a comic published after World War II.
Amazing Fantasy #15 sold for 12 cents when it appeared in 1962.  The Amazing Fantasy series was scheduled for cancellation until Amazing Fantasy #15 turned into one of Marvel’s bestsellers of 1962, spawning the Amazing Spider-Man comic book series that has been published ever since.
The previous high price paid for a copy of Amazing Fantasy #15 was $227,000, the price that a copy graded at 9.4 sold for in 2007.