Zacian V
New cards inspired by the Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield video games will be appearing in the upcoming Pokemon TCG:  Sword & Shield series, releasing later this year.

Releasing this month, Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield will be the official video games for the 2020 competitive Play!  Pokemon Season (see "New Generation 8 'Pokemon' Games Announced").  Alongside the two games, a new series of expansions for the Pokemon Trading Card Game called Pokemon Sword & Shield will also launch, featuring characters and themes from the video games. 

Zamazenta V
The Sword & Shield series will introduce a new type of card to the game:  Pokemon V cards.  Two of these powerful new cards, Zacian V and Zamazenta V will be included in the first Sword & Shield expansion.

The Pokemon Company International has not revealed any release dates or other details about the new expansions.

The company is poised to release the Hidden Fates expansion later this month (see “‘Pokemon’s’ ‘Hidden Fates’ Revealed”).