Spawn creator Todd McFarlane was awarded a Guinness World Record for the longest-running creator-owned superhero comic book series for the release of Spawn #301 this week.  With this issue, Spawn has passed Cerebus, which reached 300 issues in 2004 (see "Landmark Issue of ‘Spawn’ Will Have All-Star Creative Team").  McFarlane received his award from Guinness World Records adjudicator Claire Elise Strephens at a panel at New York Comic Con last weekend.

"Any record that is based on longevity is made on the backs of dozens of people," McFarlane said.  "As much as I am proud to be receiving this award, I gratefully accept it on behalf of all those who helped me the past 27 years on this journey."

The landmark #301 issue, like the 300th issue, was released with a range of special covers (see "Preview: ‘Spawn’ #301 Covers").