Hasbro Gaming has launched two new Monopoly versions: Monopoly: Speed and Monopoly: Longest Game Ever.

Monopoly: Speed plays in under 10 minutes, and features timed rounds. Players all buy properties at once, and trade their properties quickly in two different stages. Chance cards have been changed to give players trading advantages, while Community Chest cards give end-game bonuses.  

In contrast, Monopoly: Longest Game Ever lets players just keep on playing until a single player owns every single property. It also comes with an extra long game board with a total of 66 properties on it, rabbit and turtle game pieces, and only one die instead of two. There are no more doubles, so players can sit back and relax until somebody collects all 16 streets, 4 Railroads, 2 utilities, and all the properties.

Hasbro recently released Ms. Monopoly in September (see "Hasbro Reveals 'Ms. Monopoly'").