Hasbro, Inc. revealed Ms. Monopoly, a board game that celebrates women trailblazers, for retail release in September.

Instead of the traditional Mr. Monopoly real estate tycoon, Ms. Monopoly's box cover features an advocate whose mission is to invest in female entrepreneurs, the first new character ever to grace a Monopoly box cover. The primary changes to the Monopoly rules in this edition are that they have been rewritten so that "women make more than men" in the game, and properties have been replaced with groundbreaking innovations and inventions made possible by women. This product seems somewhat similar in premise to the Monopoly edition that Hasbro released for Millennials, but is not as satirical (see "'Monopoly' For a New Generation").

Ms. Monopoly will retail for $19.99, and is expected to arrive in stores in the middle of the month.