French writer and artist Emmanuel Guibert was awarded the prestigious Grand Prix D’Angouleme 2020 lifetime achievement award at the 47th International Comics Festival in Angouleme, France this week.  Guibert was one of three finalists; the other two were Chris Ware and Catherine Meurisse. Guibert was a finalist in 2019 as well.

Guibert’s work in the U.S. has been primarily published by First Second, including How the World Was (with Kathryn M. Pulver, translator), The Photographer (with Didier Lefevre and Frederic Lemercier), Sardine in Outer Space (with Joann Sfar), and Alan’s War.

The Grand Prix was won by manga-ka Rumiko Takahasi last year (see “Rumiko Takahasi Wins 2019 Grand Prix D’Angouleme”).