Wizards of the Coast revealed and released Secret Lair Drop Series: Theros Stargazing, limited edition direct sale sets for Magic: The Gathering, which will be available for purchase February 14-16, 2020. This is newest set release in the Secret Lair Drop Series which launched in December (see "The Mystery of The 'Secret Lair Drop Series' Revealed").  

Each drop set of Theros Stargazing Vol. 1 thru Vol.5 features three of the original Theros gods in the Theros Beyond Death constellation-style artwork done by Jason A. Engle. 

The sets come with three different foil God cards and a single-use MTG Arena Theros Stargazing Themed Sleeve. Each set runs $39.99, but if customers buy all five volumes, they can get them all for a lump sum of $149.99 plus shipping and taxes.  

This release was a little different because Wizards of the Coast didn't preview the contents of sets prior to the drop. The last few drops have been previewed prior to release, but this time they adopted a slightly more aggressive sales tactic to promote impulse buying. Their previous drop marketing strategy was outlined by ICv2 columnist Scott Thorne in a recent article (see "Rolling For Initiative -- WotC and Drop Marketing").

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