Steamforged Games announced that it will release of Cats & Catacombs: Questing Tooth & Claw Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 miniatures sets into trade on March 13.

Similar to the Dungeons & Doggies line that featured Dungeons and Dragons characters classes as canines (see "Steamforged Announces 'Dungeons & Doggies Volume 3'"), Cats & Catacombs features miniaturs of the classes morphed into feline form. The first two sets for C&C come with seven miniatures each, and are fully supported by 5e compatible digital rules for character creation. Vol. 1 comes with the following miniatures: Abyssian Wizard, Lyoki Rogue, Bobtail Barbarian, Scottish Fold Cleric, Sphynx Sorceror, and Bengal Ranger. Vol. 2 includes Maine Coon Fighter, Dragon Li Monk, Ragdoll Bard, Persian Warlock, Norwegian Forest Druid, and Korat Paladin.

This product will have a MSRP of $25.00.

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