Z-Man Games announced Pandemic Legacy: Season 0, the final chapter of the Pandemic Legacy trilogy, for release later this year.

Pandemic Legacy: Season 0 is a prequel story that puts players in the role of medical graduates called upon by the CIA during the Cold War in 1962.  A deadly Soviet bioweapon, Project Medusa, will have players traveling between Allied, Neutral, and Soviet cities as they eliminate Soviet operatives, acquire specific targets, and set up other CIA agents in remote locations.  Played out over 12 months, each play through will bring new cards, rules, and conditions that’ll affect future games.  Season 0 does not require players to have played Season 1 or Season 2 to play.

Each copy of Pandemic Legacy: Season 0 includes 1 rulebook, 1 board, 4 pawns, 36 agents, 8 safehouses, 7 Incident tokens, 1 Threat Level marker, 24 Tracking tokens, 3 Completed/Failed objective tokens, 9 teams (3 Allied, 3 Neutral, 3 Soviet), 4 reference cards, 4 passports, 1 Intelligence File, 1 Personnel File, 3 sticker sheets, 48 Threat cards, 58 Player cards, 4 temporary aliases, Legacy Deck (2 parts), Debrief book, 3 dossiers, 42 Operation cards, and 8 Safe Deposit boxes.

Z-Man Games announced Pandemic: Hot Zone - North America in June (see "Z-Man Games Announces ‘Pandemic: Hot Zone - North America’").

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