Image Comics announced that Post Americana #1, created by The Matrix storyboard artist Steve Skroce, will hit stores on December 2.

Steve Skroce, storyboard artist for such films as The Matrix (see 'Matrix Creators Delve Into Comics'), V for Vendetta, and Cloud Atlas, has teamed up with Image Comics to release a six-part miniseries called Post Americana. This new miniseries is a futuristic sci-fi story about group of elite American citizens who emerge from a sanctuary 80 years after the world ended. One of them has named themselves the President of the United States, and his plan is to subjugate whoever is left alive. The only thing preventing him from a total takeover is a single Wasteland girl who is looking for revenge.

This book is written and drawn by Steve Skroce with coloring by Dave Stewart. Skroce also provided the cover art, and this book will retail for $4.99.

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