Games Workshop teased a few of the factions and cities in their upcoming Warhammer: The Old World.

Warhammer:The Old World was announced back in 2019 (see "Games Workshop Unveils 'Warhammer: The Old World' Logo"), and in early 2020, GW released a map of the world (see "GW Unleashes the 'Wrath of the Everchosen'").  Recently, they've added to the map by including the cities that exist during this timeline.

Four factions were revealed: the Bretonnians, the Orcs, the High-Elves, and the Wood Elves.  The announcement highlighted the legendary King of Bretonnia, King Louen Orc-Slayer, who was one of the Grail Knights that drove the Orcs from their lands. In this timeline, the greenskins occupy the north-eastern region of Bretonnia and they are terrorizing kingdoms ruled by Gwyuael the Brash and other in the Marches of Couronne.

The High Elves of Ulthuan are a perennial naval power that maintains trade networks through colonies and port-cities like Tor Soleil, Tor Bidouze, Tor Martel, and The Silent Isle.  The Wood Elves were briefly mentioned as being included in the game line, but few details were given about their status in the timeline.

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