Catalyst Game Labs will release Shadowrun: Collapsing Now, a new Runner Resource Book for Shadowrun RPG, in Q1.

Shadowrun: Collapsing Now in a new Runner Resource Book provides encounter details for ten groups of non-player character runners that players might collide with on a job.  It also gives instructions as to how to adjust the NPCs for different play group power levels as well as how to weave the encounter groups into any campaign.  This book contains source material for both players and gamemasters, and functions by itself or alongside NPC and location cards, with the Shadowrun, Sixth World GM screen, to help players create an immersive Shadowrun RPG experience.

Shadowrun: Collapsing Now will retail for $44.99.

Catalyst Game Labs also released Slip Streams and Gun Rack into retail in November (see "New 'Shadowrun' Resources Arriving").