Renegade Game Studios unveiled Hadrian's Wall, a fortress-building board game, for release in Q2.

In this game, players assume the roles of Roman Generals who have been charged with building a milecastle with a bordering wall. Players will build their fort and wall, man the defenses, and attract civilians over the course of six rounds. Their forts are also being attacked by Picts while they are constructing them, and they will have to fend the invaders off periodically. The player that can amass the most Renown, Piety, Valour, and Discipline, while avoiding Disdain, wins the game.  

The game box comes with a rulebook, 2 game pads, 6 player boards, 50 Resources, 90 Workers, 48 Fate cards, and 72 Player cards. This game is for one to six players, ages 12 and up, plays in 60 minutes, and will retail for $55.00.

Renegade Game Studios also revealed three Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid expansions and a Painted Megazord Deluxe Figure for release in April (see "Renegade Game Studios Reveals Three 'Power Rangers' Expansions and a Pre-Painted Megazord Figure").