Steamforged Games has announced Helena, Inspiration of Hope & Rallied Peasants, a new champion set for its miniatures-based board game Godtear, set to release on May 7.

An inspiration to the downtrodden, Helena follows a quest to unify rather than conquer the world.  Armies of peasants rally to her cause, hoping to usher in a better world.  Unlike other champions, Helena does not have a separate banner as she claims battlefields by her presence alone.

Helena, Inspiration of Hope comes with 1 Helena model and 6 Peasant model, all supplied unpainted, plus all of the cards needed to use them in play.  MSRP is $29.95.

Click Gallery below to see the models included in the set.

Next month, Steamforged will release the champion Maxen (see “Steamforged Games Reveals New ‘Godtear’ Champion Miniatures Boxed Set”).

Godtear is a miniatures-based fantasy battle board game, launched in 2019 (see “Steamforged’s ‘Godtear’ Poised to Launch”).