Steamforged unveiled Secrets of Gullet Cove, a new Animal Adventures RPG sourcebook, for release on March 22.

The Gullet Cove sourcebook adds new cat and dog adventurers and monsters to a 5E campaign. It includes an extensive guide to the port town of Gullet Cove as well as everything needed to create the adorable PCs that inhabit the town. This sourcebook features five adventures for first to fifth level characters where players can explore the tunnels under the Cove or hunt villains through the streets.

Secrets of Gullet Cove will come as a hardcover book and retail for $39.99.

Steamforged Games recently released Animal Adventures RPG Starter Set, a new roleplaying game beginner set, on November 9 (see "Steamforged Games Unleashes 'Animal Adventures RPG Starter Set'").