Paizo, Inc. announced Starfinder Adventure: Liberation of Locus-1 for release on September 15.

This standalone adventure revolves around a new cosmological phenomenon called the Locus. The research station dedicated to studying the Locus is located on Locus-1, a planet terrorized by pirates aboard the starship Executioner. On top of that, the Azlanti, who were asked for help, have established an android labor camp on a nearby planet and the Xenodruids are missing. It is time for some heroes to investigate the situation.

This adventure is built for fourth-level characters and is written by Chris Sims. It features new alien creatures, new spells, equipment, and setting details on Locus-1 and its surrounding worlds. It will retail for $22.99.

Paizo, Inc. also announced Tech Revolution, a brand-new technology rulebook for Starfinder RPG, for release in Q3 (see "Paizo Announces a Brand-New 'Starfinder RPG' Technology Rulebook").