Marvel Comics announced Demon Days: Mariko #1 which will arrive in comic stores on June 2.

Peach Momoko follows up on her Demon Days: X-Men book (see "Peach Momoko Prestige X-Men Series Introduced in 'King in Black' Back-Up") with another prestige series comic book influenced by Japanese folklore.  This time she offers a new take on Nightcrawler and Black Widow in Demon Days: Mariko #1.  Momoko had the following to say about the new book:

"The second issue starts with the new main character (Mariko Yashida) and is a story that I originally pitched to (Editor in Chief) CB (Cebulski) a couple years ago," said Momoko.  "The connection between the first issue and the rest of the series is that they are all based in Mt. Kirisaki.  The first issue is a folktale about Mt. Kirisaki. And the rest of the series is about characters having a deep relationship with the mountain.  After the first issue, I will be telling a traditional Japanese folktale with a modern twist."

This book begins the tale of Mariko Yashida, who hears voices and has strange dreams.  There is an odd connection between Mariko, creatures called oni, and Kirisaki Mountain, and her redheaded maid may know more then she is willing to tell.  This book is a solo effort by Peach Momoko, who provided the story, the art, and the cover.

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