Veteran comics writer Don McGregor, who revitalized Black Panther back in the 1970s and wrote one of the first graphic novels, Sabre, is back with Zorro: Flights, a three-issue limited series from American Mythology Productions. McGregor has a long history with the Zorro character, writing it for Topps in the 90s, for daily newspaper strips, and for Papercutz in the 00s (see "Zorro Returns to Comics").

McGregor is teaming up with artists Vincenzo Carratu and Claudio Avella for the story, in which Zorro faces a fire-breathing dragon that may or may not be genuine; it seems to be controlled by someone behind the scenes.

Zorro: Flights #1 will be available on August 25 with an MSRP of $3.99 for the main cover by Roy Allan Martinez, $4.99 for the variant cover by Carratu, $9.99 for the limited edition photo cover, and $29.99 for the “Century Variant” black and white photo cover, which will be printed in a limited edition of 100.

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