Heritage Auctions sold a CGC 5.0 Detective Comics #27 with white pages for $1.125 million at their June 17 Comics & Comic Art Signature Auction in Dallas, Texas.

Back in November, a CGC 7.0 copy with off-white pages went for $1.5 million (see "Breaking News: Hammer Drops on 'Detective Comics' #27 at a Record $1.5 million").  This was a record for this particular book, and it surpassed a sale of CGC 8.0 copy that went for $1.07 million in 2010 (see ""Bats Beats Supes").  The CGC 5.0 copy's price that sold on June 17 ranks in price above the 2010 sale, but below the more recent CGC 7.0 sale.

The sale represents another stage in the re-pricing of high-end collectible comics for the current day and age.  There are 17 known copies of Detective Comics #27 at higher grade, but even at a mid-grade of CGC 5.0, of which there are two known, this comic still auctioned for only 25% less than the CGC 7.0.  It also cleared the million dollar mark by $125,000, which has always been a significant milestone for high-end books.  In short, this sale could be construed as evidence that older, rare mid-grade comic books can still fetch some solid numbers at auction, despite not be as prestigious as their higher-grade counterparts.

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