Iello USA will release Last Message, a deduction game, into U.S. retail in October.

In Last Message, a crime has been committed and the victim sent one last text message which may lead to the identity of the criminal. The player who takes on the role of the victim draws out an image on one of the erasable message boards, but the player who is the criminal gets to erase some panels before the inspector players look at the board.  Then, the inspectors look through crowded images to pick a the criminal out of the scene.

The game box comes with a screen, 4 erasable boards, 2 dry erase markers, a Magnifying Glass token, a sand timer, 12 double-sided sheets representing 6 crime scenes, and folded sheets representing 6 crime scenes. This game is for three to eight players, ages 8 and up, and plays in 15 minutes. It will retail for $27.99.

Iello USA released For the King (and Me), a re-themed version of Biblios, into U.S. retail on July 15 (see "'For the King (and Me)'").