WizKids has announced a December release date for its new D&D Icons of the Realms:  Sahuagin Warband pre-painted miniatures set.

The Sahuagin are a race of amphibious raiders, known to emerge from their deep water hiding places to terrorize the shallows and shoreline.  This set of miniatures is designed to provide gamemasters with an easy way to add these fish-men to their campaign by including a complete raiding party in a single box.

The Sahuagin Warband features non-blind packaging, so the buyer will know exactly which miniatures are included.  It comes with a total of six miniatures, including a Sahuagin Baron, Blademaster, Champion, High Priestess, and two warriors. MSRP is $44.99.

Click Gallery below for full-size images of the models.

WizKids is finalizing the contents of this set, so the miniatures included may change.

In November, the company will offer an Adult Emerald Dragon Premium Figure (see “WizKids Reveals their Next ‘D&D’ Gem Dragon”).  In January, it will begin offering customizable miniatures on sprues (see “WizKids Launches ‘D&D Frameworks’,” “Preview:  ‘D&D Frameworks’ Monster Packs,” and “Preview:  ‘D&D Frameworks’ Seven-Count Monster Kits”).

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