Para Bellum announced the Neophyte, Mounted Squires, and Tactical Retinue miniatures sets, for Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings miniatures game, will hit retail in February.

Each of these new sets reinforce The Hundred Kingdoms' armies with new blood. The Neophyte is a command unit that boosts their infantry of the Militia and the Men-at-Arms, while the Tactical Retinue units fly the banners and allow customization options for the Hundred Kingdoms' characters. The Mounted Squires are light cavalry that crash through enemy lines on horseback. These units will all enhance the agile play-style of The Hundred Kingdoms factions, helping craft its gameplay identity on the tabletop.

Last year, Para Bellum added an undead faction to Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings (see " 'Conquest'").

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