Para Bellum Wargames, Ltd. revealed that it will add The Old Dominion, an undead faction, to Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings and Conquest: First Blood which will start releasing in Q1 2022.

The new faction was decided upon by the Conquest community in five rounds voting at the "Project 6" event on the Living World platform. There were three factions to choose from: the Weavers, the City States, and The Old Dominion. The Old Dominion beat out the other two choices decisively over the course of the five rounds.

The Old Dominion is a Byzantine and Roman-influenced design for an undead archetype. They were spawned by the fallen god Hazlia and the Horseman Death, and these sentient undead will be an elite-type army on the tabletop. This will be the sixth faction added to Conquest after the release of the W’adrhun in April (see "Para Bellum Unveils New Faction for 'Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings'")