With the first three issues of Tom Taylor and Yasmine Putri’s Dark Knights of Steel sold out, DC Comics is opting to collect them in a single perfect-bound edition.  Dark Knights of Steel: The Gathering Storm will be released on March 1 with an MSRP of $6.99.

Dark Knights of Steel features DC Universe characters, including Bruce Wayne, Harley Quinn, and others, in a high fantasy story with a medieval setting (see “Tom Taylor Goes Medieval in ‘Dark Knights of Steel’”) and is slated to run for 12 issues.

The first issue, released in November 2021, was the number 4 title in comic shops tracked by ComicHub that month (see “Top 50 Comics: November 2021”), and the second issue was number 17 in December (see “Top 50 Comics: December 2021”).  Issue #3 was released on January 4.