Dyskami Publishing Company unveiled Absolute Power RPG, the second edition of Silver Age Sentinels, for release into retail in September 2022.

This new edition of Silver Age Sentinels (see "New Superhero RPG from Guardians of Order") advances the storyline to a new era for the world. The 2E book doesn't take as strong a stance as what heroism should look like but focuses more on the moral ambiguity and relativism behind acts of heroism. The core rules set is detailed in two books: Book One: System and Book Two: Essentials.

Book One: System contains everything needed to build a character and use the game engine. It details the Tr-Stat System of RPG gaming as well as features with dozens of superhero options, items, gear, and more to get players into the game. Book Two: Essentials is gamemaster focused. It provides setting details, advice on running campaigns, and information on NPCs. Each of these books will retail for $60 or they can be purchased in a two-book slipcase edition for $150.

Alongside the core books, the publisher will release a Game Screen and Adventure (MSRP $20) as well as a Character Folio (MSRP $10). Other products in the line include Absolute Power Dice (MSRP $15), an Absolute Power Dice Rolling Kit (MSRP $35), and Cardboard Minis (MSRP $35).

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