Canadian publisher Guardians of Order (Sailor Moon RPG Tenchi Muyo RPG, El-Hazard RPG) has announced that it will publish a superhero roleplaying game entitled Silver Age Sentinels in the summer of 2002.  The game will evoke the themes and ideals of Silver Age comics such as heroism, teamwork, and good versus evil.  The game will employ the Guardians of Order's cinematic 'Tri-Stat' system in an all-encompassing superhero RPG with lots of potential applications and crossover to other kinds of fantasy and adventure gaming.


Guardians of Order President Mark C. McKinnon sees Silver Age Sentinels filling the need for 'a solidly supported and fully encompassing superhero game; many of our customers believe Tri-Stat is the answer and currently use Big Eyes, Small Mouth to fill their demand.  Next year Silver Age Sentinels will give them exactly what they want: the tools and guidance to play the entire range of superhuman power levels in their adventures, from street vigilantes to spandex-clad heroes to galactic entities.'


The flexible Tri-Stat system will enable gamers using the Silver Age Sentinel materials to pursue a wide variety of superhero/adventure campaign types, including: far-future Earth, high fantasy, World War II, modern-day urban darkness, near-future fascist America, Golden Age pulp, Victorian Steampunk, and more.  Starting in September, Guardians of Order will devote a portion of its website to a report on the development of the Silver Age Sentinels Game.  The report will be updated monthly with production art, designer notes, web chats, and characters stats.


Superhero role-playing games, generic or licensed, are not new, but until now no one had created a superhero role-playing system that focused exclusively on a particular era of comic book history.  Can Guardians of Order identify and distill the essence of Silver Age comics into role-playing adventures?  This is the challenge the publisher faces with Silver Age Sentinels--to create a role-playing environment that transports the players back to a simpler, more clear-cut world, and to do so with out the aid of too much off-putting 'corn' or 'cheese.'