Steamforged Games announced preorder for their second wave of Dark Souls RPG Miniatures, which will hit retail on October 5, 2022.

These new miniatures can be used with either the Dark Souls RPG or other 5E compatible campaigns. Each set comes with between one and four highly detailed unpainted miniatures. The sets coming in the second wave are as follows:

  • Dread Knights or Renown (2 miniatures; MSRP $24.95)
  • Captains & Warriors (2 miniatures; MSRP $24.95)
  • The Steadfast & The Hollow (4 miniatures; MSRP $24.95)
  • Alonne Knights (4 miniatures; MSRP $24.95)
  • Protector of the Asylum (1 miniature; MSRP $49.95)

Steamforged also announced River Wars: Reloaded, a reboot of the tactical miniatures game (see "'Rivet Wars: Reloaded'").

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