A large red dragon with rider and a trio of warbands from the world of Dragonlance will be featured in upcoming pre-painted D&D Icons of the Realms miniatures sets coming in March and April from WizKids.

Two sets are arriving in March:

The D&D Icons of the Realms:  Dragonlance Kensaldi on Red Dragon set will feature a large red dragon model with a removable Kensaldi miniature which can ride the dragon along with a free-standing Kensaldi model.  MSRP is $89.99.

The Draconian Warband offers seven draconic footsoldiers, providing gamemasters with a complete group of adversaries in one package: 1 Aurak, 2 Baaz, 2 Bozak, 1 Kapak, and 1 Sivak.  MSRP is $44.99.

A pair of warband kits will follow in April:

The Dragon Army Warband features a half-dozen human Dragon Army warriors, including 3 soldiers, 2 knights, and an officer.  MSRP is $44.99.

Meanwhile, the Kalaman Military Warband offers up six fighters as well, with 3 soldiers, 2 knights, and an officer.  MSRP is $44.99.

Click Gallery below to see images of the miniatures from all four sets.

WizKids presented a gallery of new and up-coming D&D miniatures during the recent Gen Con convention (see “Gen Con 2022 Preview:  ‘D&D’ Miniatures, Figures, and Statues”).