In March, WizKids will release four more unpainted miniatures kits featuring characters from Critical Role.

Like other Deep Cuts figures, these new models are highly detailed with extra-deep lines for easier painting.  They are offered in clear packaging so buyers can see the miniatures, and come pre-primed and ready to paint with little or no assembly required.

The four Critical Role Unpainted Miniatures sets announced include:

  • Serpentfolk and Serpentfolk Ghost, with one solid and one translucent miniature.
  • Oni, with a single demonic figure.
  • Platinum Golem, also offering a single model.
  • Ashari Stoneguard & Ashari Skydancer, with two minis.

All four sets are sold separately and are MSRP $8.99 each.

Click Gallery below for images of the miniatures.

A previous wave of Critical Role Unpainted Miniatures was launched this summer (see “WizKids Unleashes a New Wave of ‘Critical Role Unpainted Miniatures’”).  Pre-painted sets featuring the series will come out in February (see “‘Critical Role:  Monsters of Exandria 3 Boxed Set’ Incoming”).

March will also see the release of both pre-painted and unpainted copper dragons (see “Prank Adventurers with ‘D&D Icons of the Realms:  Adult Copper Dragon’”) and a translucent topaz dragon (see “Harness the Necrotic Power of the Negative Plane with ‘D&D Icons of the Realms:  Adult Topaz Dragon’”), as well as a pair of two-dimensional miniatures (see “WizKids Will Release Two ‘D&D Idols of the Realms:  Scales & Tails’ 2D Miniatures Sets”).