Miniatures is again a hot category in 2022, as it was in 2021. Hundreds of miniatures products have hit stores this year, and there are a few that would make great gifts for the holiday season. Miniatures products make great gifts for roleplayers, wargamers, collectors, and some board gamers, and are good for customers that are looking to give a $75 to $200 gift to the gamer in their lives.

This category of products is sure to be hot this year, especially with D&D players. The D&D movie is on its way on March 3, 2023 (see "'Dungeons & Dragons' Film Moves to Paramount, Gets Date"), and the movie ad spend will likely give anything with the D&D brand on it a little push starting in late Q4. WotC has several releases headed to market in Q4, including a new Dragonlance setting book (see "'D&D Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen' Product Line Revealed"), which should add some of new miniatures sets to gamers' Christmas lists. And, of course, Games Workshop has plenty of new model kits that are either coming to market or already available for a variety of lines.

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