Michael Wokasch, who created the tabletop game Starving Artists, has filed suit against Ox Eye Media, alleging unpaid royalties, failure to provide royalty reports, and other breaches of the contract. The suit, which was filed in Wisconsin small claims court, requests the royalties, other compensation, and copies of the game. 

The dispute dates to an agreement from June of 2020, which provided that Ox Eye Media would be the publisher of Starving Artist, and handle fulfillment of a 2nd printing Kickstarter, which was funded in 2019. Kickstarter fulfillment has not been completed, according to the complaint.  The original Kickstarter was run by Zafty Games, which relinquished its rights in connection with Wokasch’s deal with Ox Eye Media, and transferred its inventory, includling  2800 units of the game, to Ox Eye. 

Source Point announced last month that it would spin off Deep Water Games, its tabletop game company, and launch a new division, Source Point Games (see “Deep Water Games Spins Off”).  Wokasch was informed that his game would be published by Deep Water Games, according to the complaint, but alleges that Source Point does not have the right to transfer its rights to Deep Water. Wokasch subsquently sent a notice of termination to Source Point.

Ox Eye Media declined comment, citing the pending legal matters.