Tabletop game company Deep Water Games is spinning off from parent Ox Eye Media (which also owns comic publisher Source Point Press) effective October 1, as Ox Eye announces plans to launch a new games division, the companies announced.  Deep Water Games was founded in 2018 and has produced both localized games and new original games (e.g., MonsDRAWsity), with titles sold on Kickstarter, in hobby game stores, at Barnes & Noble, and Target.  Ox Eye co-founder Jacob Way will lead Blue Water Games going forward; he’s had a number of roles at Ox Eye, most recently Head of Games.

Ox Eye COO Nolan Nasser will run Source Point Games, the company’s new games division, which has announced two titles. Rat Queens: To the Slaughter, originally funded on Kickstarter by Deep Water Games ($338,354 raised from 2,961 backers); and Floor Plan: The Winchester Mystery House, a game originally solicited by Deep Water and based on a Source Point comic title.

To make branding consistent, the company is renaming gaming accessory division N3 as Source Point Studios, meaning that all three of the Ox Eye Companies (see “Ox Eye Media Licenses Molang”) will now be branded as Source Point.