The Army Painter unveiled Wandering Monsters and Wilderness Adventures, two new Gamemaster paint sets, for release into retail in Q1 2023.

The Gamemaster line of paint sets is designed to help hobbyists ready some of their RPG miniatures for the tabletop (see "'Gamemaster: Character Starter Role Playing Paint Set'"). The Wandering Monsters set features 20 Warpaints in a color scheme typical of monsters encountered while travelling on a road or a trail. It features a snap-fit Troll miniature and comes with a Bascoat brush and a Beginners Painting Guide as well.

Wilderness Adventures is a paint kit focused more on monsters found deep in the woods. This set comes with 20 Warpaints focused on that setting, a Drybrush, and a Beginners Painting Guide. It also comes with a snap-fit hag miniature with cauldron.

Each of these kits will retail for $49.99.

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