Goodman Games will release an updated version of Crypt of the Devil Lich, for Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG and 5E, into retail on February 16, 2023.

Crypt of the Devil Lich is a deathtrap-style dungeon crawl inspired by the original Tomb of Horrors module, written by Gary Gygax for Dungeons & Dragons 1E back in 1975. In this adventure, heroes venture into the Devil Lich's crypt to destroy the lich before she can regain her power and fulfill a dark prophecy. Unfortunately, the heroes have actually been tricked into setting the lich free. This adventure was originally designed for the 2004 1st Annual GenCon Dungeon Crawl Classics Team Tournament and is for a group of four to six 15th-level characters.

The two versions, the one for DCC RPG and the 5E compatible one, come with more than 40 full-color handouts. They will retail for $40.00 each.

Goodman Games also unveiled DCC: 2023 Valentine’s Day Module: Love Mutants of Castle Heartache (see "'Dungeon Crawl Classics: 2023 Valentine's Day Module'").

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